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Meet Cheryl & Lee

Cheryl and Lee are negotiators you want on your side. “Negotiation is all about being better prepared than the other guy and exploiting leverage,” Cheryl explains. “We rely on real data and solid analysis. The other side will try to distract us and talk the issues away, but facts are facts and we’re persistent in keeping the discussion at that level.” Whether you prefer to remain in your current location or need to relocate, leverage is critical to a successful negotiation. In fact, the more you want to stay put, the more critical it is to have a knowledgeable and skilled professional on your side.

Cheryl entered corporate real estate in 1980, joining Cushman & Wakefield as a vice president in Denver. Early on, she represented many major New York firms, handling their Denver-area space requirements. Cheryl was a pioneer in bringing the East Coast's tenant representation service model to the Denver area–severing the potential conflict of interest that existed with most real estate brokers who by Colorado law represented only the owners' interests, not the tenants'.

Before co-founding Corporate Real Estate Advisors with Cheryl in 1991, Lee served as a commercial broker for L.C. Fullenwider in Denver. He’s always taken a full-service approach to serving his clients, taking them all the way to occupancy and beyond, while providing them options for exceptional architects, contractors, lenders, attorneys, and other specialists when needed.

“Cheryl and I know Denver,” Lee explains. “This is an exciting city and a unique, growing market. We’re in a great position to guide our tenant clients to their optimal space solution because we know all the options, the owners' negotiation styles, and the limitations of each property. In fact, one of our most important jobs is to be certain that the inevitable limitations of each location are ones that will not be an issue for our clients. Their ultimate decision will be based on all the facts and in accordance with our number one goal: 'No Surprises!'.”

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